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Traffic Signals Ahead

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Brand: Alberta Transportation
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Provide advance warning of new "Traffic Signals Ahead". This way motorists will be prepared to stop or slow where normally they would not have. Sign has a pictogram of a traffic signal so it's quite clear and the reflective background ensures visibility.

Sign Contains:
Traffic Signal Symbols

Made in Alberta

Millimeters 750 x 750 --or-- 900 x 900 --or-- 1200 x 1200
Centimeters 75 x 75 --or-- 90 x 90 --or-- 120 x 120
Inches 30 x 30 --or-- 36 x 36 --or-- 48 x 48
Province(s) Alberta, Canada
Sheeting 3M™ Fluorescent Orange Prismatic Work Zone Sheeting 3924S (HIP) --or-- 3M™ Diamond Grade Cubed (DG³) Fluorescent Orange 4084
Background Color Fluorescent Work Zone Orange
Message Color Black, Red, Yellow, Green
Material Aluminum/Alloys comply with ASTM standard 5052-H38
Gauge 0.081" Aluminum Flat Sheet (2mm Thick)
Holes / SB# 3/8" holes for Mounting // Compliance with the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC)

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