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End Construction Zone

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The 'End Construction Zone' sign is pretty self explanatory. However, many work zones skip having this sign at the end of thier work zone even though it plays a very important role and many goverments have implemented new regulations stating that a work zone must have a designated 'End of Work Zone'. Just as the 'Construction Ahead Sign' signifies the begenning of the work zone, so to does the End Construction Zone. Many speed fines double and even triple in some provinces such as Saskatchewan so it's important to add the WD-154 sign so drivers know when they can resume speed.

End Construction Zone is one of the only rectangle warning signs and it is larger than the typical warning sign with dimensions of 48" width x 24" height. The sign still fits on an A-Frame Sign Stand and flexible wind stand. The materials used in manufacturing these signs are the highest level of retroreflectivity grade available (Type XI Reflective Sheeting). They are also fluorscent orange, designed for maximum visibility night or day.

Millimeters 600 x 600
Centimeters 60 x 60
Inches 24 x 24
Province(s) Alberta, Canada
Sheeting 3M™ Fluorescent Orange Prismatic Work Zone Sheeting 3924S (HIP) --or-- 3M™ Diamond Grade Cubed (DG³) Fluorescent Orange 4084
Background Color Fluorescent Work Zone Orange
Message Color Black
Material Aluminum/Alloys comply with ASTM standard 5052-H38
Gauge 0.081" Aluminum Flat Sheet (2mm Thick)
Holes / SB# 3/8" holes for Mounting // Compliance with the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC)

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