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Ver-Mac Flagger Mac | AFAD Automatic Flagger Assistance Device

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AFAD – Automatic Flagger Assistance Device – Flagger Mac

The Ver-Mac Flagger-Mac is a trailer-mounted gate device designed for flagging operations. The Flagger-Mac system consists of two gate devices that are operated using a wireless remote controller. This technology allows the operator to fully control both devices from a safe location outside the work zone.

Our Flagger-Mac also has innovative break-away arm mechanism in case of impact, offering an additional layer of protection for your equipment and your workers.

Each Flagger-Mac unit is equipped with two 12-inch lamps, (1) red and (1) yellow, one gate with a flag, a V-Touch Controller with wireless remote, and stealth technology.


Ver-mac’s innovative stealth technology design will significantly help reduce your message board battery maintenance and repair costs.

Ver-Mac’s Stealth Technology was designed to eliminate two of the industry’s biggest issues: battery maintenance and battery theft.

Ver-Mac’s Stealth Technology utilizes sealed maintenance-free batteries stored in a cleverly hidden battery compartment. The sealed batteries prevents the equipment from shutting down due to lack of battery maintenance – filling batteries with water. The hidden storage compartment deters thieves from stealing batteries. Both features ensure continuous performance of the equipment and reduces maintenance, repair and labor costs.


The flagger-mac comes with our intuitive, industry-leading v-touch controller

  • Large 7 in. (178 mm) LCD color graphic touch screen
  • Intuitive point-and-go icons
  • Large icons to raise and lower the gate
  • Real-time display of battery / solar voltage, gate/yellow light timing


  • Robust wireless remote – Operate 1 or 2 units up to 800 feet away
  • V-touch controller – Intuitive interface instantly provides real-time information
  • ITE lamps – Meets MUTCD standards and provides superior performance, reliability, and energy efficiency
  • Towing option: nested or tandem – Save time and money by towing both units with the same truck
  • Red indicator lamp – Allows the traffic control operator to monitor units in real time from a safe distance
  • Combo units option: flagger-mac & flagger-mac lite – Ideal for fast moving flagging operations and makes storage easy
  • Break-away gate mechanism in case of impact



  • Get maximum autonomy


  • Protects against current overload


  • POWDER COATING SUPERIOR FINISH – Impact, humidity, salt spray and rust resistant
  • 4 LEVELING JACKS – For stabilization and easy transportation
  • REMOVABLE TONGUE – For easy storage
  • MANUAL LIFT MECHANISM – For a quick deployment
  • HEAVY-DUTY PLASTIC FENDERS – For durability and easy replacement
  • PLASTIC BATTERY BOX – Holds and protects the V-Touch Controller
  • 2-IN. (51 MM) COUPLER OR 3-IN. (76 MM) PINTLE EYE – For easy towing
  • WHEEL JACK ON TONGUE – For easy and safe trailer set up


  • Material: PVC
  • Reflective tape
  • Gate height: 4 in. (102 mm)
  • Located 4 ft. from the ground
  • Gate height off the ground (down position): 4 ft. (47.25 in. / 1200 mm)
  • Gate length: meets provinces requirements
  • Gate operating height (up position): 166 in. (4214 mm)


  • Operating height: 129 in. (3281 mm)
  • Operating width: 169 in. (4288 mm)
  • Traveling height: 100 3/4 in. (2559.05 mm)
  • Traveling height with BC gate: 118 3/4 in. (3016,25mm)
  • Traveling width: 70 in. (1788 mm)
  • Overall length: 94 4/16 in. (2393,95 mm)
  • Axle/suspension: 2000 lb (907 kg)
  • Weight (approx.): 1000 lb (455 kg)


  • Battery charger
  • Radio communication
  • Modem
  • Additional gate length and reflective tape available
  • Stop here sign
  • Other options are available to meet your needs


  • City and county (urban areas)
  • Construction/bridge repairs
  • Secondary roads
  • Utility projects


  • 1 year on complete trailers
  • 2 years on electronic components manufactured by Ver-Mac

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