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Mobile Patrol Stand

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The Radarsign® Mobile Patrol Stand

A radar speed sign mounted on a Mobile Patrol Stand is ideal for locations where traffic calming is needed on a temporary or rotating basis.

The Mobile Patrol Stand can be used in locations such as:
  • school crossings
  • multi-modal terminals
  • controlled campus roads
  • dock traffic
  • primary facility entrance
  • forklift traffic
  • parking decks
The Mobile Patrol Stand can be used with the TC-400 or the TC-500 radar speed sign models.

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You can view the Mobile Patrol Stand product guide by click on the link below:

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More than traffic calming, Radarsigns® are traffic analysis tools too!

All Radarsign® models come with built-in data-logging capability. Every sign can record up to one years worth of traffic data statistics. This includes time stamped number of vehicles and their speed as they pass by. Using the StreetSmart software you can do complete statistical analysis of these traffic patterns.

That is great, but the radar signs can also operate in STEALTH mode. ie. all the operational lights are off, making drivers assume the sign is not operational. Therefore their natural driving habits can be continuously recorded

With Stealth and Regular mode operations, you can easily gather before and after vehicle statistics of the location being analyzed. You can determine the day of the week and time of day when most people speed and more. By comparing stealth and operational data sets, you can prove for yourself that radar signs can be effective at reducing vehicle speed by more than 12% (based on customer feedback)

Learn more about the StreetSmart PC app. There is an extra charge for the software but makes the radar sign infinitely more valuable.

For more information on this product, please visit the StreetSmart page.


Available for Purchase or Rental from Hi Signs:

Product Size Fits into a standard pick-up truck bed; 36" x 33" steel base with four anchor holes ensures stability; Your choice of 6 ft. or 8 ft. aluminum pole with 3.5 inch diameter; Long-life 10-inch solid wheels
Display Options Powder-coated safety orange base
General Information
Customization Stand can be used with the TC-400 or the TC-500S radar speed sign models

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