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Radar Signs Grow in Popularity as #1 Speed Deterrent

Posted by in Traffic Knowledge on February 06, 2015 . 0 Comments.

Last year our company took a great deal of interest in the emerging technology of Speed Radar Signs, also known as Driver Feedback Signs. As we know, speeding has become a major topic surrounding school zones and low speed residential zones communities are trying to combat excessive speeds, often without much luck. Headlines in newspapers boast the amount of traffic violations being handed out, (read article) but the public doesn't realize how much of our tax payer dollars goes towards law enforcement & administration when peace officers could be better utilized for better situations.

Radar signs have a built in digital display that provides real-time feedback to drivers, alerting them of the current speed they are traveling. By providing instant feedback motorists become aware of how fast they are going and if they are breaking the speed limit, decrease in speed.

We set a goal to make a difference and to offer unique traffic calming solutions that offer far more permanent results than periodic traffic ticket blitz'. Even after a Radarsign has been in operation for 2 years of continuous use, the results of a recent study showed more than a 20% average reduction in speed (compared without radar signs).

The signs are more than just a real-time digital display too! In fact, there have been amazing advancements in technology in terms of data loggin capabilities, bluetooth wireless communications and even the ability to operate in 'Stealth Mode' where the sign looks like it isn't running but it is still collecting valuable data of drivers 'normal' speed habits. 310-SIGN is helping it's customers and communities make sense of the traffic data.

We recently implemented more than a dozen new TC-400 Radarsigns to the receiver hitches of utility construction vehicles for several Alberta based organizations, such as The City of Edmonton Traffic Operations and Epcor Utilities & Transmissions. The popularity of these units has been growing quickly as a reliable resource for Radar-On-The-GO to calm the pace of traffic while workers execute mobile operations from one job site to another. The reinforced metal exterior and bullet-proof faceplate on the TC-400 makes it extremely durable for even the toughest work zones.

If you're interested in learning more about speed radar signs for your community or your work site we would be happy to analyze your needs and provide quotes & specifications. We have radar sign rentals and demo units available upon request, as well as excellent information on the effectiveness of driver feedback signs. E-mail or gIve us a call at 1-844-289-7446

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