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Night Vision Exposes Safety Sign Flaws!

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Paying the price, in more ways than you think!

Think safety signs are all the same? Think again. You might be exposing your organization to unwanted liability risks. Not all sign companies specialize in safety regulations or adhere to strict manufacturing specifications. In fact, you'd be surprised as to how many sign shops advertise the fact that they sell traffic & safety signs, however, upon closer examination they fail to meet compliance regulations by a long shot.

The fact of the matter is, many sign companies don't meet 'safety regulations' even though they may claim to have decades of experience. Understanding safety regulations takes dedication and resources to stay current, not just in safety knowledge but in manufacturing materials as well. In fact, having 'decades' of experience can hinder a company's ability to follow the most current standards as they often change, including the materials used to produce the products.


Imagine driving 100km/h at night. As you gaze ahead all you see is a white blur. By the time you're close enough to read it, it's already too late to decelerate and you blow the intersection. You simply couldn't tell it was a 'red' stop sign. Who's at fault?

Despite being nearly identical during the day, the sign on the right does not reflect any red at night. We used a night vision camera to show you the difference in reflectivity (the blue area shows that the sign on the left is 100% reflective and returns nearly 60% of the available light source (such as vehicle headlights). The sign on the right is a real competitor sign which we had to replace, and in-turn doubled the expense of the customer by having to replace them with the right ones. Not only did these stop signs fail compliance, the entire development required brand new traffic signs. In fact, not a single traffic sign supplied by the competitor met current regulations. Now imagine the ramifications of someone getting injured or killed because they didn't see the stop sign, or hitting a pedestrian because you couldn't see the cross walk signs at night. Unfortunately, signs like these are produced everyday by inferior sign shops that only care about profit, not safety.

The best way to protect your company and limit any unnecessary risk is to work with a sign expert you can trust. If a company services everything from vehicle wraps, trade-show banners & advertising signage, chances are their focus is diluted and they don't have the resources required to become an expert in this area. Just because a sign shop has the equipment to make a stop sign it doesn't mean they have the knowledge to do it right. You wouldn't hire a plumber to do critical heart surgery, so why would you trust a random sign company with your safety requirements?

310-SIGN specializes in safety compliance. It's our full time job and it's our only focus. We understand that our clients have a job to do and getting the right signs can be difficult sometimes, however by choosing 310-SIGN you can trust that the signs and labels we provide have been researched and we always work hard to provide our clients with safe solutions.

Don't compromise.
When it comes to your safety sign needs, trust the experts.

- 310-SIGN Inc.

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