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New Products This Month

Posted by in News on January 07, 2014 . 0 Comments.

New Additions to the website this month.

H2S Signage

The updated 2014 H2S safety/awareness signs are now online. 

ANSI version Hydrogen Sulphide signs include: ‘H2S Gas May Be Present’, ‘H2S Gas May Be Present - Do not enter this area without approved detection equipment (detector symbol)’ and ‘H2S Gas May Be Present - Do not enter this area without approved breathing apparatus (PPE symbol)’. We’re committed to bringing safety to the Oil Industry.


Walk Around Vehicle Safety Awareness Decals

Encourage safety and incorporate these into your vehicle safety programs - ANSI version ‘Notice - Walk around - check your vehicle’ decals with pictograms and without. 


Pipe Marking

Our ANSI Pipe Marking systems come in a variety of materials to meet the needs of your application - indoor and outdoor, from extreme conditions to light duty. 

Self Adhesive, Roll Form, Snap/Strap-On, Specialty/Custom content as well as Arrows and Pipe Banding Tape.


Fleet Decals

We’re adding our Fleet Decal service to our site so you can create and order your decals as easily as you order your signs. Fleet numbering, corporate branding and visibility/safety awareness decals are customizable and made of 3M vinyl with our Hi-Life coatings to increase longevity.


Industrial Floor Graphics

An existing service we’re bringing online - Floor Graphics range from waypoint and directionals to defining safety zones and hazard/safety warnings. They can be used to indicate PPE to be worn past a certain point or to show equipment hazard zones. Another great use is for branding, having your company logo in entry ways and creating focal points for branding. Our Floor graphics exceed current standards and are guaranteed to stand up to years of wear and tear.

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