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What are GVW & TARE decals?

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What does TARE mean?
The TARE weight of a vehicle means the weight of the vehicle when it is empty or not carrying cargo. 
 What does GVW stand-for? 
The GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of a vehicle means the licensed maximum weight of the vehicle as per the vehicle’s certificate of registration. 
 Are GVW & TARE decals mandatory to have on vehicles? 
Provinces and territories have laws that establish maximum vehicle weights. This is to ensure public safety and to protect provincial highway infrastructure. Carriers must comply with all weight restrictions for the roads they operate on. Based on the province, legal weights depend on different things such as the type of vehicle, the number of axles on the vehicle, the manufacturer’s rating and the size of the tires on the vehicle. 

What information do I need to have on my company vehicle(s)?
Commercial vehicles that are weighing or registered for more than 4,500 kilograms must have the following information displayed on the left and right sides of the vehicle: 
  • The name or registered logo of the vehicle’s owner; (yes, your company name can be in plain text letters!)
  • The vehicle’s TARE weight;
  • The licensed maximum gross weight of the vehicle (GVW).
 What size do GVW & TARE decals need to be? 
The letters and numbers listed on the side of a vehicle must be at least 50 millimeters in height. They must also be a different color from their background so that the information is clearly visible. All information listed on the vehicle must be accurate. A commercial vehicle must not be operated on a highway unless the owner of the registered vehicle has correctly decaled the sides of it.
Do I have to put my company logo and GVW & TARE decals on the doors?
As long as the correct information is visible on the vehicle and the colors contrast with the background color of the vehicle than you can install the information anywhere on the right and left signs, as long as it is easily accessible by a commercial vehicle inspector. You can even place information decals on your rear side windows. 
For More Information See Reference: Schedule 1, Section 9 of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation (AR121/2009)
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