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Are you concerned for public safety or the safety of your workers in construction & work zones? Traffic safety is a serious issue and speeding through neighbourhoods and work zones is a continuous battle. 310-SIGN offers an innovative traffic calming solution proven to slow drivers down and reduce the number of speeders by up to 80%. In 2015 we helped develop new features to our existing line of Radar Speed Signs to maximum the efficiency and ease-of-use for practical applications, all at an affordable cost.

Watch our TC-400 Radar Sign Video

NEW! Radar-on-the-GO Version 2.0

  • Now available with 'Tilt-n-lock' Hitch Bracket...

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Laminated Signs vs. Non-Laminated Signs

When it comes to safety signs, they’re there to prevent injury and potentially save lives. That’s worth taking seriously.

310-SIGN uses Hi-Life protection to add fade resistance, durability and extended life-span to our signs.

While other companies offer this as an upgrade - All of our aluminum backed signs come with this protective top-layer standard. Why do we use aluminum for our signs and not plastic or PVC like other sign companies? Our signs are built to withstand life in Canada and that means lasting more than one season. Signs that have to deal with exposure to the...

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The TC-400 Radar Sign

You’ve seen them on the busy road ways, around construction sites and school zones. The reason why you’ve seen more lately? That’s simple - They work.

Radar signs are proven to reduce speeding.

They work by gathering the speed of vehicles travelling towards the sign and then provide real-time feedback to the driver by displaying their current speed with bright LED’s built into the sign. The driver’s can actually see their speed decrease to the posted speed. 

We put this brief 5 minute video together to introduce you to one of our most popular options for  ‘Driver Feedback’ signs, the...

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The Transporation Association of Canada (TAC) recently approved the addition of two new traffic signs in Canada. They will be added to the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada (MUTCDC). The addition of brand new traffic control signs doesn't happen very often, especially on a national scale that pertain to all of Canada. Many provinces mandate thier own sign standards such as the exact layout of the design, and the look of the sign can vary from province to province. However, MUTCDC are the highest level of goverment and sets the standard for nationally reconized signage such as Stop or Yeild Signs so they are...

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Alberta-Based 310-SIGN Now Distributing Radarsign’s Armored Driver Feedback Signs in Canada Radarsign’s continued international expansion focuses on Western Canada’s oil and gas industry plus public works entities

ALPHARETTA, Ga., November 11, 2014—Finalized in September, a new operating partnership between Radarsign®—the manufacturer of the world’s first armored driver feedback sign—and 310-SIGN provides rights of distribution for Radarsign’s traffic-calming products to customers in three Canadian provinces: Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

“We are pleased to represent Radarsign products...

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Find answers to frequently asked questions about radar speed signs- how do they calm traffic and promote safety, what types are available, what size sign is needed, where should the signs be placed?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and the answers.

> How does a radar speed sign calm traffic and promote safety?
Radarsign’s speed signs give drivers notice that they are speeding. Radar speed signs work by sign shifting the brain out of the alpha state where the brain is aware but relaxed into the beta state where the brain is alert and focused. As a result, the driver responds to the flashing speed alert...

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We're proud to annouce our sponsorship of The Replacements Canada, a new hunting & wildlife TV program which airs July 2014. 

We're really looking forward to watching the adventures unfold starting on July 2, 2014 on WildTV at 8:30(MST) and on July 6, 2014 at 3:00pm(MST). We can't wait to see the guys wearing our 310-SIGN gear in the episodes and also seeing the usage of some debut regulatory safety signs for Bear Bait use. 

To learn more about The Replacements follow them on Facebook.

We'll also be releasing our first 310-SIGN TV commercials! Have a sneak peak...


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Here is a complete line listing of all the types of products & services available at 310-SIGN as of 2014. We're continually adding new signage, labels & supplies to our website each week so please visit us frequently as our product line continues to expand. 

Warning / Construction Signs
Regulatory / Parking Signs
Information / Guide Signs
Specialty Traffic Signs

Cones, Channelizers & Delineators
Barricades & Barriers
Frames & Stands
Hi-Viz Safety Apparel
Speed Radar Trailers
U-Channel Sign Posts
Sign Mounting Bolt Kits