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Laminated Signs vs. Non-Laminated Signs

When it comes to safety signs, they’re there to prevent injury and potentially save lives. That’s worth taking seriously.

310-SIGN uses Hi-Life protection to add fade resistance, durability and extended life-span to our signs.

While other companies offer this as an upgrade - All of our aluminum backed signs come with this protective top-layer standard. Why do we use aluminum for our signs and not plastic or PVC like other sign companies? Our signs are built to withstand life in Canada and that means lasting more than one season. Signs that have to deal with exposure to the...

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Hi-Vis Pipeline Markers

310-SIGN is proud to announce that we’ll be carrying a new way to mark pipeline signs. The current method is time consuming, costly and not nearly as effective.  Introducing Hi-Vis Pipeline Markers - a cost effective, easy to install solution for marking pipeline signs. These ‘jackets’ are made with highly reflective material increasing visibility in all lighting conditions - A much needed improvement for safety. 

Easy to install, these Hi-Vis pipeline markers can be used with existing posts, u-channel and treated wooden posts. Installation takes just minutes can be done in the field with a couple...

Paying the price, in more ways than you think!

Think safety signs are all the same? Think again. You might be exposing your organization to unwanted liability risks. Not all sign companies specialize in safety regulations or adhere to strict manufacturing specifications. In fact, you'd be surprised as to how many sign shops advertise the fact that they sell traffic & safety signs, however, upon closer examination they fail to meet compliance regulations by a long shot.

The fact of the matter is, many sign companies don't meet 'safety regulations' even though they may claim to have decades of experience. Understanding safety...

If there is a danger of a worker or equipment falling into an excavation, an employer must ensure that workers are made aware of the excavation. Safety awareness is achieved by placing warning signage in the surrounding area, flagging any possible entry points and placing barricades which prevent access to the excavation. Even if your construction site is considered a restricted area, it's possible for ATV's, snowmobiles and pedestrians to enter the job site after hours.

If you're thinking about saving a few bucks by cutting corners, think again! Improper marking of excavations are lawsuits waiting to happen. Consider the size of...

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Unique Well Identifier (UWI)

The unique well identifier is the standard 16-character code which defines the bottom hole location and each significant drilling or completion event in the well.

UWI in the Dominion Land Survey System

Example well location 14-36-85-17 W6

UWI  100 14 36 085 17 W6 00