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Information about decal requirements and options for your company fleet vehicles, such as fleet decals, gvw & tare decals, walk around your vehicle stickers, first aid kit inside, fire extinguisher inside, how's my driving stickers, unit number decals, we're hiring tailgate decals and more. No matter what your sign needs are, 310-SIGN has you covered! Learn about regulation requirements, best practices and product information.

When do you require FIRE EXTINGUISHER INSIDE stickers on fleet vehicles?

The Traffic Safety Act sets the requirements for Fire Extinguishers in the 100 page document, Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation (CVSR). We've included an overview below to make things easy for you.

Many companies, such as most Upstream Oil & Gas companies,  and many industrial construction companies have specific safety policies pertaining to the mandatory safety equipment required onboard commercial vehicles working on-site where explosions, fires or chemicals are present. Carrying a certified fire extinguisher increases the safety of the public and...

Posted by in Fleet Decals & Stickers on April 24, 2014 .

What does TARE mean?
The TARE weight of a vehicle means the weight of the vehicle when it is empty or not carrying cargo. 
 What does GVW stand-for? 
The GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of a vehicle means the licensed maximum weight of the vehicle as per the vehicle’s certificate of registration. 
 Are GVW & TARE decals mandatory to have on vehicles? 
Provinces and territories have laws that establish maximum vehicle weights. This is to ensure public safety and to protect provincial highway infrastructure. Carriers must comply with all weight restrictions for the roads they operate on. Based on the province,...