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Maximum Speed (_ km)

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Brand: Alberta Transportation
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Maximum Speed (Content Variable) signs indicates the prermitted or prohibited use of a road. This sub-class includes signs relating to the control of speed, turns, direction, of vehicle, passing, traffic lane usage, vehicle weights and dimensions, parking, pedestrians and other road users.

Sign Contains:
Text Reads: "MAXIMUM"

This traffic sign is available for rental or purchase and ships within 24 Hours. Traffic control rentals are perfect for short term construction projects where signs and supplies will be used for a limited time. If you would like to arrange a specific delivery date please specify your required date in your comments when you checkout online.

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Made in Alberta

Millimeters 600 x 750 --or-- 750 x 900
Centimeters 60 x 75 --or-- 75 x 90
Inches 24 x 30 --or-- 30 x 36
Province(s) Alberta, Canada
Sheeting 3M™ High Intensity Prismatic (HIP) Reflective Sheeting 3930 --or-- 3M™ Diamond Grade Cubed (DG³) White 4090
Background Color White
Message Color Black
Material Aluminum/Alloys comply with ASTM standard 5052-H38
Gauge 0.081" Aluminum Flat Sheet (2mm Thick)
Holes / SB# 3/8" holes for Mounting // Compliance with the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC)

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