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Posted by in Custom Safety Tags on Nov 12, 2015 .

We supply safety & service tags to the oilfield, utilities and industrial clients. Our office is located in Alberta, Canada and we specialize in manufacturing Lockout Tags, Maintenance Tags, Bling Tags, Work Order Tags, PSV Service Tags, Carseal Tags, Barcode Tags, Stainless Steel Tags and more! We have a wide variety of materials suitable for high temperatures, extreme outdoor weather and/or permanent metal solutions. We have help design any tag to fit your needs. (See more details below)

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Posted by in News on Apr 08, 2015 .

Are you concerned for public safety or the safety of your workers in construction & work zones? Traffic safety is a serious issue and speeding through neighbourhoods and work zones is a continuous battle. 310-SIGN offers an innovative traffic calming solution proven to slow drivers down and reduce the number of speeders by up to 80%. In 2015 we helped develop new features to our existing line of Radar Speed Signs to maximum the efficiency and ease-of-use for practical applications, all at an affordable cost.

Watch our TC-400 Radar Sign Video

NEW! Radar-on-the-GO Version 2.0

  • Now available with 'Tilt-n-lock' Hitch Bracket...

Posted by in Safety Signs & Labels, Oilfield Signs, News on Mar 30, 2015 .

Laminated Signs vs. Non-Laminated Signs

When it comes to safety signs, they’re there to prevent injury and potentially save lives. That’s worth taking seriously.

310-SIGN uses Hi-Life protection to add fade resistance, durability and extended life-span to our signs.

While other companies offer this as an upgrade - All of our aluminum backed signs come with this protective top-layer standard. Why do we use aluminum for our signs and not plastic or PVC like other sign companies? Our signs are built to withstand life in Canada and that means lasting more than one season. Signs that have to deal with exposure to the...

Posted by in Traffic Knowledge, News on Mar 25, 2015 .

The TC-400 Radar Sign

You’ve seen them on the busy road ways, around construction sites and school zones. The reason why you’ve seen more lately? That’s simple - They work.

Radar signs are proven to reduce speeding.

They work by gathering the speed of vehicles travelling towards the sign and then provide real-time feedback to the driver by displaying their current speed with bright LED’s built into the sign. The driver’s can actually see their speed decrease to the posted speed. 

We put this brief 5 minute video together to introduce you to one of our most popular options for  ‘Driver Feedback’ signs, the...

Posted by in Oilfield Signs on Mar 23, 2015 .

Hi-Vis Pipeline Markers

310-SIGN is proud to announce that we’ll be carrying a new way to mark pipeline signs. The current method is time consuming, costly and not nearly as effective.  Introducing Hi-Vis Pipeline Markers - a cost effective, easy to install solution for marking pipeline signs. These ‘jackets’ are made with highly reflective material increasing visibility in all lighting conditions - A much needed improvement for safety. 

Easy to install, these Hi-Vis pipeline markers can be used with existing posts, u-channel and treated wooden posts. Installation takes just minutes can be done in the field with a couple...

Posted by in Traffic Knowledge on Feb 27, 2015 .

The "construction ahead sign" is probably the most recognized and most frequently used traffic sign. It's also arguably the most important sign when it comes to setting up a work zone on any road or a major highway. Construction ahead signs are used in nearly every application when it comes to work being executed on, or near a roadway. 

Construction ahead is used as the very first sign of your work zone and it indicates the begining of the zone. It's only 1 of several construction signs needed to setup a work zone properly and it should be placed well in advance of where the actual work is taking place. 

Although these signs...

Posted by in Traffic Knowledge on Feb 06, 2015 .

Last year our company took a great deal of interest in the emerging technology of Speed Radar Signs, also known as Driver Feedback Signs. As we know, speeding has become a major topic surrounding school zones and low speed residential zones communities are trying to combat excessive speeds, often without much luck. Headlines in newspapers boast the amount of traffic violations being handed out, (read article) but the public doesn't realize how much of our tax payer dollars goes towards law enforcement & administration when peace officers could be better utilized for better situations.

Radar signs have a built in digital display...

The Transporation Association of Canada (TAC) recently approved the addition of two new traffic signs in Canada. They will be added to the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada (MUTCDC). The addition of brand new traffic control signs doesn't happen very often, especially on a national scale that pertain to all of Canada. Many provinces mandate thier own sign standards such as the exact layout of the design, and the look of the sign can vary from province to province. However, MUTCDC are the highest level of goverment and sets the standard for nationally reconized signage such as Stop or Yeild Signs so they are...