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Blinking LED Stop Sign

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Sign Size(s) 24", 30", 36", 48"
Light Size 1 1/4" Red - 4 G2 LED Lights (For 24") and 1 1/4" Red - 8 G2 LED Lights (For 30", 36", 48")
Power Type Solar Power / 12 volt - 20 watts
Sheeting Reflective Sheeting Type XI - 3M Diamond Grade DG3 or Avery Dennison T-11500 Omni-Cube Series
Illuminated Stop No
Activation Type Always On / 24 hours / Flash Rate 50 to 60 times per minute

These signs are properly known as LED-embedded static traffic signs (LETS) on Canadian roads. The conspicuity of a static traffic sign can be increased by embedding light emitting diodes (LEDs) on the sign face. LEDs on the sign face may also serve to increase the legibility distance of the sign by highlighting the sign message or the outline of a uniquely shaped static sign. Due to the potential for LED-embedded traffic signs to be distracting, and because excessive use may decrease the effectiveness of similar static signs, blinking LED-embedded traffic signs use should be limited.

To take advantage of the shape-recognition advantage provided by LETS, LETS should be restricted to STOP signs, YIELD signs, and the stop side of the STOP/SLOW paddle as these are uniquely shaped signs and are most easily recognized from shape alone. Signage for school zones and pedestrian crossing should be reviewed on a community needs basis. This product meets the guidelines for the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada (MUTCDC), which is the primary reference document for practitioners concerning traffic control devices design and use.

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