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Silent Advisor Radar Speed Trailers - 2000

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Brand: Solartech
Product Code: STRST-02
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Silent Advisor - Speed Radar Trailer 2000

Larger footprint with wide viewing-angle for maximum visibility in work zones

Create a safer work zone with a speed awareness trailer - let those driving through your work zone know how fast they're going and what the posted speed is.

The Mega-Tech Touch Screen Control Console is a an easy-to-use, Water-proof, backlit, full colour display with intuitive icons for programming the display board . Program your own and control the time and date of the display using the real-time clock/calendar system.

The Radar has a detection distance of 1,500 feet and is K-Band with a 12 degree circular antenna beam/16.5 degree capture beam and a speed accuracy of 1MPH. You can select either MPH or KPH.

Display up to 3 digits and the ability to select from 4 font types with a character height of 18”. The Speed Limit sign is 30" x 36"and is mounted at 7'.

Data Collection Built In - Records raw data on a USB “memory stick” for processing and analysis using statistical analysis software (sample screen above).

Retrieve data remotely using optional modem.

Records three files: Raw Data, Statistical Data and Histogram Data. Data includes year, month, day, time, and speed readings including lowest, highest, mean, median, mode and standard deviation.

Optional Features and upgrades include:

  • Battery Upgrades - 4 options to increase amp hours
  • Battery Charger Options - select from 2 amp outputs
  • Security Options - Tamper proof battery box and Alarm including GPS


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Product Size Length Overall – 112 in. (284 cm); Width Overall – 75 in. (190 cm
Product Weight 1,160 lbs (526 kg) approx. (max)
Display Options Display Panel – Amber or red LED Display (30 degree standard or 60 degree MegaFlux)
Power Options Solar Array - 40 watts; Batteries - Two (2) heavy duty, deep cycle (GC-2)
Technological Options Data Collection and Analysis Software – Standard; Remote Control – Wireless cellular modem with GPS
Product Warranty 5 Year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty
General Information
Customization Batteries – Four (4) Lead Acid (flooded) or two (2) or four (4) Gel Cell maintenance free; Battery Charger - 45 amp output (115 VAC 50/60 Hz input) or 45 or 55 amp output (230 VAC 50Hz input)

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