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EZ Comm Remote Management

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310-SIGN is pleased to be able to provide you the best range of Radar Speed Signs available and is proud to be a Canadian distributor for RadarSign®.

EZ Comm is a secure, cellular-based tool for the remote management of your Radarsign systems.

  • Centrally Managed: Control one to thousands of systems from a single browser-based user interface
  • Cellular Modem Service:  The school zone safety system is accessed through cellular modem service
  • Convenient: Authorized users have instant access to the network anytime from anywhere, using a browser-enabled desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone
  • Easy Scheduling:  A full year schedule can be pre-programmed in advance
  • Cost/Resource Effective: Eliminates the need for resources to be deployed to the field to manage individual signs, saving time, fuel, and training costs
  • Fast and Secure: Utilizing cloud-based architecture, EZ Comm provides secure and reliable communication between the system server and network controller
  • Automated Data Collection: Every night, the EZ Comm system will upload traffic statistics to our cloud based host. From your desktop, the information can be downloaded to your PC, laptop or other device for use with our Excel-based Streetsmart program (separate license).  Over 25 charts & graphs display data in 15 minute, 30 minute, 1 hour, daily, and weekly formats to give you a comprehensive understanding of whether or not there is a speeding problem, how bad the speeding problem is, and when it is occurring. Historical data will be retained by our host system for a full 12 months for each radar speed sign. Raw individual vehicle records are also available if you wish to customize your own reports.
  • Accurate: GPS receiver in the network controller obtains its calendar time base from ultra-accurate atomic clocks, ensuring on-time system activation and allowing the entire system enterprise to be seen from a Google map
  • System Alerts: Automatic daily diagnostics and reporting simplify maintenance
  • Peace of mind: 2 year warranty on the cellular network controller as well as the radar speed sign
  • Power Options: AC or solar powered

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